Saturday, 24 October 2009

MP4 case

Ok, I admit it; I'm very proud of this.

It's hopelessly 'wrong'; the ribbon is sewn on diagonally (it got caught on the back by the machine and I didn't realise) and the front flap isn't really long enough, but hey, I created an MP4 case out of a piece of felt and some old pyjamas I found in the charity shop.

As DD's MP4 is her pride and joy I hope she will be pleased with this. The PJs were great with their high heeled shoes and handbags on them.

I kind of followed instructions on Made by Petchy's blog - she has a lovely tutorial with great photos. I wasn't brave enough to leave a hole for the headphones lead at this stage - lining up a buttonhole seemed very daunting; but DD rarely uses headphones; she just has the MP4 on the table and listens to it through the speaker.

Petchy shares some lovely free Patterns and tutorials, so go along and have a browse at her lovely creations.


  1. Pretty darn good!! Lovely fabric too, it's very satisfying turning old clothes into something new!

  2. Thanks Pippa; I am pleased with it for my first attempt and you're right; turning old clothes into something new is so exciting!