Friday, 13 November 2009

I made a chicken!

I am so psyched about this! I've always loved these chicken doorstops and thought they'd be a great way to make something 'recycled'.

Well I've made one all by myself. I got the instructions from A Greener Christmas by Sheherazade Goldsmith. Although fixing the head on seemed really complex, so I'm going to look for easier instructions if I make another one.

My version isn't really big enough to be a doorstop, it's more of a large ornament. You were supposed to make the print out 200%, but I couldn't figure out how to do that, so mine is half size I guess - I'm not really sure about all this enlarging patterns business at the moment. Perhaps one of you can enlighten me.

This gift will be for DD's best friend who is chicken mad. DD and I love cats, her friend loves chickens, so there you go - the perfect pressie, I hope.

I'm a bit worried because they are a family who buy things and love spending money in the shops, so I'm not sure how well received it will be. Maybe they'll think it is cheap crap, but I guess I need to get over that and give it unconditionally.

I've stuffed it with a bag of lentils, so it has a great feel factor to it!
Have you ever given a hand made pressie and just known the other person has thought it's a load of rubbish because you didn't 'buy' it?