Sunday, 22 March 2009

Spring nature table

I Love setting up our nature table at the beginning of each season. Spring and autumn ones are my favourite. I love all the flower children and feeling of potential and new growth in spring and the root children and gnomes are so cute during autumn.

A friend from a forum sent me the three lovely crocus children you can see in the picture and I made the others myself. Someone else crotched us the cute bunny and the chicks I couldn't resist buying from our local PO this week! The spring angel is from Myriad - boy if I could make something as stunning as that one day I would be a happy spring bunny :)

I'm planning on making some more flower children to add throughout the season and would love to have a go at making mother earth too. Nothing like high aspirations!

A rather cute owl!

A friend sent dd an exciting parcel for her birthday. In there were some fabric scraps, buttons, beads and ribbons - the perfect present for little girls everywhere!

DD has has a lot of enjoyment rifling and sorting through her treasures and has been begging me to make her something with all the bits.

I decided to take my inspiration from the felt owl kit I bought from Paper and string. I haven't used the kit yet; far too scared that I would mess him up, so used the idea to create my own owl from the materials my friend sent! It was a way in which I could use a little bit of all the gift - beads for the eyes, material for the body and even a bit of ribbon across his front.

I've stuffed him with carded sheeps wool and he's a firm favourite in our house now. He's called Felix. I love the way he looks at though his head is cocked to the side :)