Sunday, 25 October 2009

My first 'failure'

I'm so disappointed about this. I bought a kit to make a fairy cake trinket box for DD. I thought it looked very cute and if she didn't like it, here was one mama who would put it to good use!

See the pic on the left of how the kit should look? Looks great doesn't it? The lid comes off and kids can store their precious treasures away from preying eyes.

Well I've had a harsh lesson in reality. Sewing kits are llike MFI flatpacked furniture. They look great on the shop floor, put together by experts, but get yours home and you can guarantee bits won't have been machined off properly, edges won't align or there will be something missing.

There was some thread missing, but that wasn't the end of the world. What WAS the end of the world to me, however, was that the bloomin' thing doesn't fit properly.

I have followed the instructions, but it's clear that the top will never fit on the base; not in a million years and not even with the gentle persuasion of my daughter's 'deft fingers' as she calls them - too many Enid Blyton books!

So here it is; I quite like the lame dogs in life - the animal with the croked head, the ones with broken paws, the ones with nibbled ears, but for some reason I don't find this enduring at all; I just find it a complete disappointment.

And because I'm a beginner, I wouldn't know where to start to sort things out.....


  1. It's not that bad - only the lid is a problem. If you got a piece of felt and cut a circle large enough couldn't you make one which does fit? I think it's salvageable! (You don't want to have to put it in the bin after all!!!)

  2. It's a shame when things don't work out how we would like them too, but don't be too despondent - I think it could be fixed too.
    I would take the lid off and unstitch the edging and put it on a new piece of felt and cut around a little bigger as the previous comment mentions. Re- attatch the top and do the edging again and you'll probably have the trinket box you want.
    Crafting is all about trial and error sometimes, hope you have another go of this one - it looks lovely, just needs a slightly bigger lid.

  3. Oh don't be so hard on yourself, I think you could tweak the lid to make it fit somehow, or make another, it's definitely worth keeping anyway (I think it's cute as it is personally!) Don't forget that they could have used hairspray and all sorts of gadgetry to make the picture sit perfect like that. They might have even used much stiffer felt for a start. Not a failure by any means!!

  4. you could always try to re-enforce the lid part with some iron on interfacing, as Pippa suggested their version looks stiffened considerably!

    I think it looks great, luckily the internet wasn't around for me to have posted my first sewing itmes they were absolutely awful! Much worse than this I would have seen this item as a success!

  5. Ditto on the above!
    & yes, it can be disappointing when it doesn't turn out as 'nice' as you expected - but do play with it a bit!

    The other day my daughter told me she'd like her sewing box re-done - I got it when I was 9 or 10, & gave it to her (with fresh fabric on the lid, & some re-doing on the inside) when she was about 12!! It's like an oval hat-box, with little 'trays' in a top section - & quite battered!! seriously?? So I have to figure out how to 're-do' it one more time!!

  6. (& she's about your age!!)

  7. You're right ShazRonnie; I can't let it go into the bin. I guess I'm going to have to unpick. Grrrr

    Thanks Sawn; I must admit my inner child is having a tantrum at not being 'good enough' so I'm sulking about having to re do - interesting psychology!

    Thanks Pippa; you think they airbrush and have all sorts of nips and tucks in the crafting world as well as live modelling then?! There's a thought LOL!

    Thanks Spiceyapplepie; I guess I should be more confident - that's a first failure from some successes. I'm good at being critical of myself ;)

    Hi Dia, the heirloom sewing box sounds wonderful; what a beautiful energy it must carry. How is the remodelling project turning out or have you finished?