Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Wahee! A doll for tiny tears

This is my doll!

I had her when I was about 5 and now she belongs to DD. Tiny tears went through everything with me; I told her all my secrets and she shared hers too.

She shared a secret with me the other day, which was that DD wanted some new dolls clothes for Christmas. My trusty friends at Cloth Kits were having a 'seconds' sale and I bought the dress material with instructions. There is a tiny flaw in the material, but hey, who's looking?

Making the dress was much harder than I thought - just how do you sew anything other than a straight line? The sleeves are a bit of a squeeze and the neckline has an intriguing ruched effect, plus there was a part of the instructions missing - not cool for a beginner. But I have to say the quality of the material is awesome; it was like some kind of shipping sail material; I could have made a parachute out of it and was a real treat to work with.

As a retro; throw-back-to-the-seventies pattern I think this dress is wonderful. I might get brave one day and make one for myself LOL! I'm not sure what DD will make of it, she's going through a 'trendy' phase, so she might just laugh it away out of sight ....

Cloth kits eh? Talk about a trip down memory lane ...


  1. I love Clothkits, they have given me confidence to tackle bigger things and the fabric quality is excellent as you say. Oh, I had a Tiny Tears doll called Patsy and I sooo loved her. I don't know what happened to her, everything got sold to pay big debts when my parents split up in 1995 and a lot of my toys went too which I do feel pretty sad/cross about. Ah well, it's lovely to see your doll looking so pretty!

  2. Oh no, that's so sad about Patsy :(
    What have you made from clothkits - any favourites? I'm still a bit scared to start the doll, but I enjoyed making the dress; I couldn't get over the quality of the material; it's fab