Sunday, 18 January 2009

My first sewing alteration

My life is hectic at the moment, to put it mildly. So all my crafty stuff is on hold until the middle of February when my life should resume its regular pace and I'll be back on the blog.

However, I rather surpassed my self this week. I had to do a kind of alterations job. Alterations and sewing are not my forte but it was an emergency. Dd had been invited to a farm for the afternoon and she needed suitable attire - wellies and waterproofs to be exact.

She tried on her waterproofs and despite being the right age on the label, I think they were made for a midget child. She has a slim waist, but these were ridiculous - I wonder if they were a second.

Anyway, she couldn't get the waistband on. They were elasticated and we had half an hour before we had to leave. The other day she sorted through her wardrobe and found an old swimming costume which had a hole in it. I found my trusty quick-unpick, got into the waistband of the trousers, cut the elastic and cut a piece from the swimming costume (nice stretchy fabric) to sew in as an extension.

I was so nervous! I felt like I was back at school sitting an exam, but you know what? I did it! I was terrified the cut elastic would whip back into the waistband and I would lose it forever!
It wasn't the prettiest of jobs, but it was functional. And Dd had a great time at the farm. She was covered in you-know-what when she came home, so I'm pleased I felt the fear and got on with the sewing job :)


  1. Well done. I know just how you feel; I am also somewhat clueless about sewing but my older daughter was not built for clothing, full stop. I wound up sewing triangular extensions into the backs of many bottoms to get them to fit her. Later, have had better luck with buying larger and hemming. Getting somewhat more skilled at these tasks. Your work looks lovely!

  2. Thanks Pink, I think I am going to have to get used to this, as she is definitely taking after me at the moment - tall and slim, which is great but, ya know, trying to buy clothes is virtually impossible!
    She went out today with a pair of tracksuit bottoms on and I was EMBARRASSED for her - the hems were way above her ankles!
    Thankfully she doesn't care at the moment; I can still choose her clothes for her and she doesn't have too much of an opinion. Thank goodness; so many girls her age know exactly what they do and don't want and I think it would be so tough for her, because there aren't many 'off-the-peg' labels that actually suit her figure.
    Well done on you handiwork too - needs must and all that!