Wednesday, 31 December 2008

She liked her fish!

Darling daughter loved her fish! She isn't the gushy type; things seem to reach her on a deeper level, but she's already named him, is waiting for his friend to arrive and has started playing with him :)

I've just had a package arrive from the fabulous Paper and string site and I can't wait to open it. But I'm going to savour the moment and will write again to share the contents of my little package with you ;)


  1. hey....well done you!

    J reacognised your little DD when he saw the photo and said "Dat my friend Mummy"!!

    If you fancy a very beginer needle felting lesson I would be happy to oblige - I made J a little felt mouse one afternoon and he loves it! And feeling inspired by your hearts I might try to make something similar for the baby, to go over the change table - can I have a lesson in blanket stitch sometime please?

  2. Hey babe,
    lovely to see you here and how cute about J - fancy recognising DD; that's some serious powers of observation!

    I'd love to swap some blanket stitch lesson for some needle felting. I don't even know what needle felting is, but I'd love to try it anyway LOL!

    When you've finished with your visitors we'll get together again :)

    rae x